Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Not A Mystery Illness

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Mystery Illness No More

The western medical establishment believes that chronic fatigue syndrome is a mystery illness. There currently is no complete diagnosis for this disorder. Most people who have this illness also believe there is no known cure or remedy for this debilitating condition.

Well, chronic fatigue syndrome is not a mystery illness. I can attest to this because I had chronic fatigue syndrome for over 4 years. For the longest time I wondered if I was ever going to heal from this so called mystery ilness.

After setting on a path to healing myself at all costs, I finally discovered the needed information that I sought for so long. One can heal from chronic fatigue syndrome...that is, when you have the proper information. In fact, once you have the proper information and the right resources, then healing becomes much easier.

I will admit, this is a stubborn illness, however, as I have proved along with others, you can heal from this debilitating condition. It is all a matter of accessing the right health information and applying it.

Life is too short to being playing sick as I have learned. You must want to heal bad enough and that is when miracles start happening in your life as did in mine. I know how exhausting and depleting this condition can leave people. For this I seek to help as many people as possible with this so called mystery illness.

Healing is A Choice, What Do You Choose??

To Your Health,

Rino Soriano - "The Chronic Fatigue Buster"
Holistic Wellness Consultant & Health Coach